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K-Play develops its own mobile entertainment formulas. Our products contains free and premium features using optimal mobile payment methods. To create remarkable performance our formula combines:

  1. Eye-catching content
  2. Simple conversion flows
  3. Sophisticated user profiling

We pass that performance onto our clients – affiliates, traffic owners, networks.

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K-Play News

As part of the Mexico Earthquake and Hurricane Relief Fund – K-Play has partnered with Nextgen Motorsports and Donations4Distasters for sponsorship of their Nascar team. K-Play is active with various charities and humanitarian relief organizations and works to give back to the communities and markets we serve.

“Along with our Operator Partner Telcel from Mexico we see this as a unique opportunity to give back filtering donations through a highly entertaining and compelling spectacle such as Nascar Team Racing.”

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We specialize in developing emerging markets supporting their development and monetization.

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